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New Streaming + more from v0.99.0

By dfv123, 1573530761

Hello everyone, In this update, Bast really improved in-game streaming and the quality at which this done. He changed the way it is displayed on your screen by showing specifically how many people are watching and even added an option for you to record yourself. It pops up as a toolbar in the corner of your screen and has three symbols, one display ...

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Opening a relic - what was the game like in version .29 ?

By Sobeirannovaocc, 1571503749

Hi everyone,Looking through the My Colony files on my old computer, here is what I found:A My Colony installation file, dated 17 March 2017. Looking into its properties, the field Product Version says 0.29.0. As we are approaching version 1.0, I thought I would do a little retrospective of this game version and see how the game progressed in two an ...

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Introduction No.1

By Pavlxiiv, 1569588875

Hello Colonists!Today, we would like to introduce 3 of our current writers. So who will supply you with MyColony news?Hey! Am Invincible or N-vince on Discord. People usually prefer to call me Vince. For my brief intro, I think I might be the owner of one of the largest active single maps in-game (Invincible) as well as I have 2 other Trillion+ GDP ...

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Introduction to Coloniae News

By Sobeirannovaocc, 1567326630

Hi everyone,Today I would like to introduce to you to a new big feature of Coloniae - Coloniae News!In an effort to make the community able to participate and contribute more in this website, I've decided to build an articles and post system. With that come Coloniae Roles, which are like badges given to people who acomplished something that deserve ...

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