Resource produced

Resource transformed

Utilities to operate

* approximatively 20-25 ticks/second
* when worker is needed to operate, tick-rate depends on how many worker are actives:
Round duration =
duration / active workers ticks


Cost to build

Sell return value


MyColony is an awesome building simulation game.

Build your own thriving colony from the ground up by colonizing an empty planet, harvesting its natural resources and use them to build homes, refineries, and many other buildings. Establish an atmosphere and recycle your trash. Build bots to reach the outer limits of your land. Expand your territory beyond your believe and get millions of colonists working and living in the world you created. Research technologies to advance in the game and discover what the ancient inhabitants of the land you colonized have to offer you. Play different races and different types of maps to build your colony and combine the resources to keep growing.

Use this reference site as your MyColony bible, discover all you need to know about every building and technology out there. How you need to build an "Aluminium Generator", how much robots the "Advanced Robotics Inc" produces per minute or what does the "Tourist Trap" technology unlock. All this and much more in your MyColony bible.

Welcome to the reference site!

Since update 0.4.1, the reference site aims to be responsive for mobile devices. Please target the mobile version on your browser parameters on your smartphones and tablets...