Resource produced

Resource transformed

Utilities to operate

* approximatively 20-25 ticks/second
* when worker is needed to operate, tick-rate depends on how many worker are actives:
Round duration =
duration / active workers ticks


Cost to build

Sell return value


Colonist Generation Rates
How do colonists immigrate?

Each building has a colGenRate item. The engine picks a random amount of ticks, with the colGenRate as the max. So the larger the number, the longer it takes. For the cloning facilities, this amount of ticks is divided by the number of workers. When the tick amount is reached, if the building has the touristDoorway flag, it can bring in a max of 10 colonists at a time. If the building has the isStargate flag, it can bring in a max of 18 colonists at a time. If the max is > 1, then the game factors in approval rating. So if your max is 10 and the approval rating is 80%, then the max is now 8, or 80% of the max. Finally, the final number of new colonists is a random number between 1 and this max.

Numbers are calculated with :
Average is max/2 (mathematical expectation of an uniform law)
30 ticks per second
100% approval rating
100% workers on duty