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Posted by Pavlxiiv on 1569614075

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Hello Colonists! Today, we would like to introduce 3 of our current writers. So who will supply you with MyColony news?

Hey! Am Invincible or N-vince on Discord. People usually prefer to call me Vince. For my brief intro, I think I might be the owner of one of the largest active single maps in-game (Invincible) as well as I have 2 other Trillion+ GDP colonies in LIS and Zolarg regions. I started out just a bit more than a year back and joined the Discord community too, very soon after, where I met loads of folks and even the creator of this platform, Sobeirannovaòcc (Sobe for short) actual name should have been Sobeirannovaòccitannia (don't ask me how to pronounce it. I just counter asked him to pronounce vyankatnarsimharajuvaripeta). With that, you might have guessed, but I am from India. On Coloniae, I shall keep making loads of layouts for you guys. Feel free to message me if you need any help or personalised layouts. I shall also discuss some game mechanics that would help single map players a lot, since I always prefer single maps over regions, as I enjoy playing them more. In addition, I'd like to get some activities going, some story tellings in my Colony universe, and whatnot! So stay tuned with Coloniae!!!!

Moving on to DGUE:

Hello MyColony players. I am dfv123, more commonly known as DGUE. I have been playing this game for a very long time and have seen it grow and change often. During that time that I have played I have racked up some leaderboard stats such as "richest Colony" for about 6 months, as well as "most active CW." It’s been fun and I do play some but not much as I used to. What I would love for though is for somebody to get me and beat me in all resources, not just one.

On to Pavl:

My name is Pavl, aka Pavlxiiv. As I said, I am one of the writers who will provide you with news about the universe of MyColony. As for myself, I am one of the Top10 players, at least if you trust the Coloniae leaderboards. I first played this game when it was in a version somewhere around 0.3.x, and after a long break I rejoined the MyColony community somewhere around 1.5 years ago. Since that moment, I frequently play the game and enjoy it a lot. That is one of the reasons why I seek to get more people together and spread the joy of playing MyColony.

So, for now that is all from the writing team. More articles will come from time to time and we are looking forward to you guys reading them. Have a good day and enjoy your time in the MyColony Community.

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Awesome! Hope to read from you soon.

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