Database search

Welcome to the database search. This tool helps you explore the entirety of the Coloniae database.

You may search for colonies matching certain criteria using the various filter fields. You may also search colonies by name and owner account. The search query does not have to be exact but it has to contain a continuous series of letters included in the name.

For each row (colony), data is returned for the last entry matching all the criteria. For example, if you search for your colony with population<1000000, it will return data with all the numbers (gdp, cw size, population, ...) from the day when it was last seen below 1000000 population. This applies to names as well, that is some name searches might fail due to name changing over time.

Data is included since July 2018. Some queries with a very large result set will abort for technical reasons.

You may download the colonies history since 10 July 2018 here.

Charter Name Owner Population GDP CW size Region Race Civilization Map type Independence Foundation

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