ACC 7.7: Changes (republished)

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ACC 7.7: Changes

What a sitting was yesterday in the Colonial Assembly! Chair tried to calm down the – ‘right’ as the case may be – honourable members, rather in vain, and one could even hear shouts like “treason”, “off with him”, and so on right in the middle of the floor of the debating chamber.

And why all this?

During the yesterday morning session a motion has been proposed to sever ties with Restoria’s metropolis, Commonwealth of homey and changing allegiance to the Commonwealth of Bait. As was stated in the motion paper, there was a risk of lack of effective communication with Commonwealth of homey. Restoria’s Administration was afraid that this state of affairs was dangerous for such a young, small colony like ours.

However, not all honourable members of the Colonial Assembly shared that view. Those not in an Administration majority accused the rest of – to say it simply – treason. Opposition leader The Hon. Eustace Cary MCA[1] argued that a big part in putting such motion on the table was that there where other High Powers willing to accept colonies under their leadership in exchange for some gifts.

Majority leader The Rt Hon. Elias Coffyn MCA in his response stated that indeed there were gifts involved but not for ruling officers, as was implied by the Opposition, but for the good of the whole Colony. It was – stated Mr Coffyn – a matter of utmost importance to seize such opportunity in the interest of Restoria.

The Opposition, however, seemed to remain extremely critical. Administration asked Chair for a short adjournment. As The Chronicle understands, during this pause majority leader and Administration’s chief whip made concerted efforts to ensure unanimity, albeit to no avail.

In the end, there was a division in the afternoon which Administration won by 9 votes to 3. No one abstained. Without further ado, the Restoria Allegiance Bill was sent to the Lander for assent and almost at once Chair of the Colonial Assembly received a formal note from the Lander stating that assent was given. And so Restoria Allegiance Bill became the Restoria Allegiance Act, i.e. the law of the Colony.

The events developed onward astonishingly quickly. A formal diplomatic note was sent to the Commonwealth of Bait right after the Lander note was received and it was immediately responded to with acceptance by the Commonwealth of Bait’s government. So Restoria became a colony of Commonwealth of Bait. And all that in a matter of fewer than 24 hours…

In the evening another motion was passed, to make an address to the Lander to appoint the first day of changed allegiance a national holiday. That one was passed unanimously.

The Chronicle can disclose now that right after establishing fully-fledged Transmission Hub, a message has been sent to the Commonwealth of homey but there was no answer. This information has been told us by a source close to the Administration on the condition of anonymity.


[1] MCA - Member of the Colonial Assembly (of Restoria)

PS. Above article was first published on My Colony forum and in another place. Minor discrepancies may occur -The Chronicle

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