The Chronicle editorial: A new start

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As our respectful readers know, The Chronicle start was rather unimpressive. Because lack of means and any kind of professional publishing our journalists were forced to work from their so-called homes, with the help of a third grade, publicly available, basic information systems. Colonial authorities have not been very helpful either. Although Restoria publicly claims that it is based upon League of Independent States' liberal ideas, local officers were not very happy about the advent of an independent press. With astonishing creativity, they found some obscure regulations from the times of our membership in the Commonwealth of homey and purportedly acting upon those tried to stop as unimpressed that mentioned regulations were repealed back in the Commonwealth of homey years ago.

We almost lost any hope. We tried even some alternative means to go ahead in spite of all odds, but this was met with a bit of doubt.And then an unexpected offer from Coloniae management came...And now we are here, in the beautiful, sunny and enormously spacious offices at the 11th floor of Coloniae's Tower, with a very generous bandwidth plan, free tea, coffee and recreational rooms available to us basically for free. Who would think that? Not we - that is for sure...The Chronicle sends its most sincere expressions of gratitude to the Board of Directors of Coloniae for all their assistance and involvement in all that happened (and the croissants here are the best!).

We are happy to inform our respectful readers that we choose to republish our first article here on Coloniae.

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