Getting Back In - 2 Years Later

Posted by dfv123 on 1648758774

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Hello all, 

It has been a long time since I have seen those beautiful words on my screen, "My Colony" with the little bar at the bottom saying syncing data. I decided to open the game since I had a new computer and what better to test it than the greatest colony there ever was ;). Upon the colony finally loading I noticed that I had buildings on the side that I couldn't afford to build. It has been at least 3 years since I had the red and I knew I had to fix it. After researching on the NOZ discord (you should give it a look here) I was able to figure out what I was missing and very quickly started building all the new bandwidth and software support structures. I also began scrolling through the building's list and began looking at all the new creations that Bast has put into the game. I started putting new buildings all over the place and was struck by a sense of awe with all that you can do now. 

After letting the new buildings build I was to sit back and appreciate what this game has become. Used to it was a small and rather choppy city sim knockoff but now I must say it is very well rounded and the opportunities you have in-game are truly incredible! There is an almost overwhelming selection of buildings and options and even I have things to do. Bast has done an incredible job with all the new features of the game and he deserves an epic round of applause. 

To sum it all up, after my 2-year long break I have come back into the game beyond impressed and inspired to open the game up a bit more often and see what else becomes of it. If My Colony 1 is this great then My Colony 2 is going to be downright amazing! 

Thanks for reading! :) 

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"And even I have things to do" haha

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