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Posted by Sobeirannovaocc on 1567351830

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Hi everyone,

Today I would like to introduce to you to a new big feature of Coloniae - Coloniae News! In an effort to make the community able to participate and contribute more in this website, I've decided to build an articles and post system. With that come Coloniae Roles, which are like badges given to people who acomplished something that deserves recognition from the community, and sometimes this badge grants access to some features, like writing articles. For now, only the Article Writer role exist, but it's possible to add more as time goes and acheivements are being made.

Speaking of Article Writers, it's time to get to know the team! For starting, we've gathered a team of 5 dedicated members of the community, but if you wish to apply for writing articles, you can do so by contacting me. Here they are:

First off we have dfv123, also known as DGUE, who started to play around version .3x and acheived the position of the richest player in the game. Or better, the one holding the most reserves. He could've litterally been the bank of the game if regions hadn't step in the way. Now that he plays a bit less he wants to try and encourage every player to beat his billions of resources.

We move on to Wubman, also known as Wubs, also known as the most unluncky player! Nobody knows what happened to his life for his game to be that much buggy. Nevertheless, he kept going and somehow, after many tries, get the game to work to a pretty good level! His experience and patience with every aspect of the game will certainly enlight us in his articles.

Pavlxiiv, also known as Pavl, has been playing for more than a year now and is invested in the community as a whole, but is also very invested in Coloniae. He already helped as a beta tester and an advisory board for some of Coloniae features, such as the ADU and the Layouts. He also went quite far in the game and is in constant friendly competition to get on the top ADU leaderboards!

Next up, Lionsarecool, also known as Leonis, has been a member of the community for a long time and while he might not be aiming at the summits of the leaderboards, is still playing consistently and following the updates. We know he would be a good writer because of his history with the game and he showed his writing skills during some role plays.

Finally the one and only Invincible, (you to judge if it's true), also known as N-Vince, is often on the leaderboards as well, and he is a very active player. His layouts for regions are always of good help and he likes helping newbies with advice in every way he can. He likes writing as well and might have some ideas of story themed articles, stay tuned!

That's it for the introduction of our journalists! I wish them the best in their writing and hope you will like it as well! Remember, if you want to be part of the team, contact me!

Sobeirannovaocc, aka Sobe

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