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ACC 7.7: Changes (republished)

By Borogwain, 1582812703

THE CHRONICLE OF RESTORIAEST. ACC 7.7 - PUBLISHED WITHOUT AUTHORITYACC 7.7: ChangesWhat a sitting was yesterday in the Colonial Assembly! Chair tried to calm down the – ‘right’ as the case may be – honourable members, rather in vain, and one could even hear shouts like “treason”, “off with him”, and ...

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The Chronicle editorial: A new start

By Borogwain, 1582812628

THE CHRONICLE OF RESTORIAEST. ACC 7.7 - PUBLISHED WITHOUT AUTHORITYEditorialAs our respectful readers know, The Chronicle start was rather unimpressive. Because lack of means and any kind of professional publishing our journalists were forced to work from their so-called homes, with the help of a th ...

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Coloniae in 2020

By Sobeirannovaocc, 1578781430

Hello!Last year in the start of 2019 I released a new version of Coloniae, with a restructured design and layout arrangements. I thought Coloniae needs some rework this year as well, so here we are! What's newThe first noticeable change is the website design. For the connoisseurs, I shifted from Boo ...

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New Streaming + more from v0.99.0

By dfv123, 1573530761

Hello everyone, In this update, Bast really improved in-game streaming and the quality at which this done. He changed the way it is displayed on your screen by showing specifically how many people are watching and even added an option for you to record yourself. It pops up as a toolbar in the corner ...

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Opening a relic - what was the game like in version .29 ?

By Sobeirannovaocc, 1571503749

Hi everyone,Looking through the My Colony files on my old computer, here is what I found:A My Colony installation file, dated 17 March 2017. Looking into its properties, the field Product Version says 0.29.0. As we are approaching version 1.0, I thought I would do a little retrospective of this game ...

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